Familia Schroeder


The Schröder family, for decades linked to the history of Northern Patagonia, decided at the end of the nineties to take part in an adventure and to open up a valley to extract grapes for wine production. The project was supported by the government in the form of dams and irrigation channels, because without water there is nothing to be gained in the Patagonian desert. This is how the first vineyards were created, and from 2002 a modern cellar building was built, where the grapes make their way through the cellar through the natural gradient until they are vinified and stored in barriques. The vineyards moved continuously higher towards the hills, as the soil in the lower areas is not ideal. The greatest struggle is with the wind and also against late frost. But time, as a relentless teacher, brought about that Bodega Schröder is today the quality benchmark of the valley and the Schröder family changed the map of wine with their wines.