We love Argentine wines


We are a family business specialized in the import and distribution of Argentine wine. We concentrate on family businesses like ourselves and small producers who use the most natural means possible to bring the best wines into the bottle. Martin, the owner from Misiones, visits our producers every year and chooses what we enjoy here. Enjoyment is our guiding principle, with special attention paid to digestible wines with low sulphur and histamine levels, so that we can start the next day in full freshness.


Géraldine, Martin’s wife, Ani, his longtime friend, Noemi, Martin’s daughter, his parents-in-law Hannes and Doris and Chichi the Terrier lady, all help in the smaller or larger to bring our treasures into Swiss glasses.


The Casa de Vinos Argentinos was founded in 1988 by the Argentinean Lidia Zuberbühler, a true pioneer in the field of Argentine wines. The idea ignited and the success proved her right. After 10 years, many Swiss wine lovers already knew that Malbec existed, today it is a matter of course – and yes, this time long before the rest of the world.

We take our job seriously…

offer the best service with simplicity,

and sometimes we’re in the mood for little jokes…